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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Fox fur switching muffler

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Modern fox fur 3 colors Tsukai were rich.
As an accessory to be ahead of the season from the beginning of autumn, simple fur scarf of treats easy feeling of size in the neck of the court to knit. Far especially haired long soft even in the Fox, select a soft Boryumi Blue Fox fluff dense. Representing a gradation in Somewake in three colors with simple shapes. Because it is changing the way of showing a color in a position to fasten the clip, also enjoy the difference of facial expression. The color was available and gray system that has been refined in the intellectual, the two types of brown system elegance of mature woman drifts.

simple clip type. If Tomere as pale leads, and clean impression vertical line is emphasized.

■ The color: A) Gray, (I) Brown system
■ Size: the dimensions of the lining part that does not include a width of about 7.0 × length 74cm (bristles)
■ Material: Outer material ... fur (Fox), Lining ... Polyester 100 Pasento
■ back clip one with
■ Country of origin: made in China
■ for fur products, your laundry, please consult with a professional cleaning shop.
■ Because you are using natural materials, color and coat is slightly different on the product.

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