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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Fox Fur double weave cashmere stall

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Adult autumn Shitaku is, start from the item to enjoy the flexible! Be active from the turn of the season, light and large-sized stalls luxury to use the double-face fabrics of warm cashmere. If Tomere the quickly wore on both sides button, redesigned cape coat dyed to the same color rich blue fox fur decorate the cuffs and pockets. You lively and Furumae because there is no worry that slip off the shoulder.

table and back color is different by color double-face cashmere is available in gray × ivory, the two types of beige × ivory. Dyed on the front side and the same color, blue fox fur, which was placed in a pocket or cuffs can be removed.

■ The color: A) Gray, (I) Beige
■ Material: Body ... 100% cashmere, pocket part ... fur (Fox), sleeves ... fur (Fox)
■ The previous central opening
■ With the previous 2 Pocket
■ both sides button per
■ pocket snap, cuffs fur removable in-button
■ Country of origin: made in China
■ for fur products, your laundry, please consult with a professional cleaning shop.
■ Because you are using natural materials, color and coat is slightly different on the product.

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