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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


90 × 90cm within the order this tone leather table mat

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Like luxury leather! Only rank up the space lay! Table stylish redesigned!

Scratches and dirt is anxious to protect while hiding on the floor or table embezzled, is made of a resin mat texture with such as "leather" further interior resistance even increase.
Dinos and Achilles realistic texture jointly developed is also used in the interior of the vehicle, achieved by the use of high-quality grain in the real.
Matt was both "functional" and "rich texture".
Damaged floor and was, a table that was tainted, why not reborn in this book tone leather mat? [Point 1] Since the high quality major resin manufacturers peace of mind "Achilles" is produced all domestic plants, high-quality.
Because there is no浮出of the resin component due to tend to have an inexpensive mat degradation, less likely to damage the floor or a table, you can use with confidence. [Point 2] shift is difficult! And it is covered with resin-made mat, than deviates slipped?
In addition to Sticky Bettari because resin On the contrary, I think that some people think it to be and than would peel off the painting of

[Common to all of the size]
■ The color: A) Dark brown (I) grayish brown (U) Ivory
■ thickness: 1.5 mm
■ Material: special vinyl chloride
■ marker pen dedicated mat are not included.
■ It's made in Japan
if the ◎ within the size (※ described in the product name), available upon circular, hexagonal, such as cloud, the size cut at your designated shape.
◎ in each size will be the one cut in size. (Cut please specify the 1cm unit.)
◎ after your order, we will send you a measurement kit in about a week. Measuring kit Please fill in the (paper, etc.), and we will send back, will deliver the order item in about two weeks.
◎ for order goods, please understand that it can not be canceled and returned goods after you sign up you receive.

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