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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


For Ohitsu Tochin 1 Go of Iga Hase Garden pottery

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Rice like the new free-answer! The cold rice freshly cooked! The choice of "Iga of Ohitsu".

Put the Ohitsu - rice ● to breathe made of coarse soil-Iga, as it is stored in the refrigerator. If Atatamere in the microwave, again to the taste of freshly cooked.
● by microwave heating, water and heat vaporized from the pores, you can fix also warm plump frozen rice.
● use the heat of vaporization, also worked as a cold storage unit. - Easy to use! In a bowl that was stretched to 1 water, soak the lid and the body about 1 minute, wipe the water on the surface.
In the case of 2 steamed dishes on the bottom of the body, and then set the ceramic gridiron attached.
3 Serve the food that is cut to the appropriate size.
4 with a lid, and then heated in a microwave oven.

■ The color: A) yellow Seto (b) Kona引
■ Size: Yaku径13-height 9.5Cm
■ Weight: 0.7Kg
■ capacity: 400 ml of
■ Material: pottery
■ woodcut, ceramic grates, with recipes
■ microwave oven use Yes
■ all natural materials and handmade for the color of the attitude is different each
■ freezing and direct fire, electromagnetic cooker not applicable
will be ■ 5,000 yen from January 6, 2020 (the tax).
■ It's made in Japan.

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