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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Stainless steel shampoo basket deals two sets

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Stainless steel shampoo rack of domestic use over the bathroom towel bar. Prevents the slime of the shampoo bottle, can be stored in a space-saving. 500 yen than usual total price (excluding tax) This good set of two!

Eliminate the slime of the bottle bottom to become a ~ out! ~ It is a basket to use ◆ down to bathroom towel hanger and laundry bar.
◆ If you place on the floor of the tub, the bottom of the rinse and body soap bottles slime, also ... to the cause of Fusarium head
if ◆ hanging put it in the basket housing, the bottom of the bottle will keep a clean contact with the air .
◆ resistant to water and dirt, also easy to clean with beautiful stainless steel.
Labor of cleaning is reduced ◆, it is a useful bath goods.
If - even mischief prevention of child ◎ ~ ◆ Lower the shampoo and cleansing products in the bathroom bar storage, also helps to tamper-proof the child.
◆ not only Toiletries, is also useful for storage of toys and cleaning products for children.
To 1 any time two linked also convenient! If you do not want to use the ~ shampoo ◆, it has come to the space-saving hanging the bottle in storage.
◆ Since the basket lower part with a leg, can be used on the floor carrying in the vicinity of the

■ Size: Width 25.8 Depth 9.7 height 33cm weight 0.4Kg
■ Material: 18 over 8 stainless
■ load-bearing about 2Kg
■ leg, back to scratching with prevention cushion
■ It's made in Japan.

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