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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


HARIO / Hario filter-in bottle Portable

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Portable type of long-awaited of carry filter in the bottle than Hario Announcing a new!

Spout and the body in the PCT resin, it is safe material that is BPA FREE · transparency, heat resistance and impact strength.
Since the filter is attached, you can carry the water out tea and fruit tea of your choice.
● Mochiaruke your favorite drinks and water out tea-flavored water.
● You can use it as a tea shaker because with filter.
● faucet filter mesh on the inside of the has been set.
● drinking port and the body in the PCT resin, BPE FREE, transparency, heat resistance, it is safe material with the impact strength.
● hygienic medium is visible because it is a transparent bottle.
● with the scale of 100ml~400ml. About 500ml in to the top of the packing.

■ The color: A) Pink and (I) green
■ Size: Width 74mm × depth 74mm × height 240mm · caliber 65Mm
■ Weight: about 230G
■ Material: tap-body ... PCT, filters ... PP, packing ... silicone rubber
■ made in Japan

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