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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Furotasu water-repellent raincoat

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Raindrops rolling flop, rain goods series that can be dropped shaking water droplets in one swing. The special technology structure of the fabric surface, realize the crawling hydraulic surprise! Because water droplets do not remain in Shimae immediately to the bag, not worrying about even in a crowded train!

Micro-nanofabrication decorated with "super water-repellency" fabric surface due to the special technology of the fabric surface, it ensures an air layer between the fabric and the water droplets. This is referred to as a "super-water-repellent (※)" by special techniques to achieve high water repellency.
Since the round water droplets fall and flop, raindrops will roll down in the only people pretend.
※ as "super-water-repellent" refers to a phenomenon of 150 degrees or more of the contact angle, 10 degrees or less of water slip angle (drainage) anymore, not having to worry about "wet umbrella"! Since the firm drop of water in a person pretending is played, it Shimae immediately to the bag folded. In the rush hour train, without any need to worry about getting wet clothes and the surrounding people. Hassle of a rainy day, you can significantly reduce. Secret raindrops fall, the secret that unprecedented contact angle raindrops fall is located in the "contact angle" of the fabrics and water droplets. Near

■ The color: A) Black, (b) Deep Blue, (c) Navy dot (WEB only), (d) Navy floral (WEB only), (e) off-white floral (WEB only)
■ Material: Polyester Pasento 100
■ size: one size (bust 79~94cm · Height 154~162Cm)
■ same pattern with storage pouch
■ It's made in China.

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