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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


William Morris 3-year diary

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In the era writing formula of William Morris, you started from any time, Deer Cars chronic use diary of and continued without difficulty reputation. Full-page full-color, is like a chronic use diary, such as the art book.

Different designs appeared every month, as the greet the new moon becomes impatient.
Enjoy the design of Morris with a universal beauty in fully, it is a book with a sense of satisfaction.
Some of calm design and tone, a combination of bright color, and finished with a modern atmosphere.

Each time you look back to last year, two years ago, and the Na I was like this is time that, you'll be remember fondly.
Writing space of one day so just say you do not have to end in three days shaved.
In addition to the entry column of the day-to-day diary, there are annual schedule page and notes page.
As a growth diary of personal history, family history, child-rearing diary and children, it Kizame the precious memories.

William Morris is the person who is referred to as the "father of modern design" of the 19th century Britain. The spirit of the design which he left to be touted as the founder of modern design "Arts & Crafts" has delivered to the inherited beauty of immutable to people around the world

■ Size: Width 15.5 × 21.5 × vertical thickness of 1.4cm · weight 0.44Kg
■ Material: paper, cover ... mat PP processing, medium paper ... matte coated
■ 1 book (total number of pages: Medium 224 pages)
■ made in Japan
■ William Morris (R) (c) Brain Trust Inc.

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