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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Fashion clip Rose chain type

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To prevent displacement of the stall and long cardigan. Fashion clip that will dress also to notch up fashionable bear. Easy to match rose pattern chain type

Fashion clip that will bear the favorite stall or scarf so as not to fall shift, fashionable specification also become attire accent. It is also perfect to keep the time goes by and will tend to Long cardigan collapse wearing ago been open. Easy to match any clothes because it is the chain of the rose pattern.
Less likely to damage the fabric, using a dedicated clip that has been designed and firmly Hasameru so. Is a new type of accessories clip.
■ clip of the functionality of ... silicon internal organs. Firmly and gently and scissors the dough.
■ fashion ... with a clip of a clean tear-drop, you can enjoy a sense of fashion.

■ The color: A) gold, (b) silver, (c) Black
■ Size: length about 17.5Cm
■ Weight: about 16G
■ Material: chain ... rhodium-plated, clasp ... brass
■ Country of origin: Made in Japan
■ with use of manual

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