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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


Horse Leather Slim Waist Bag

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Firm can hold what you need, lightweight and thin horse leather waist bag

[Product Features]
● light and thin waist bag was born from the popular hose leather series.
● be mounted in the outer, it is easy to fit to the body without bulky specification.
● The main compartment has a large confirmation of contents is likely to open, by a variety of pockets arranged on the outside and the inside, can be fine storage.
● Smart design a simple, omitting the waste, will be tailored to a variety of coordination.

[Hose leather]
● The surface of the fiber density is fine, supple and smooth texture features.
● it noteworthy point is lightweight. Very lightly even when compared with other leather bag, you can lightly carry.
● also not have the horse leather unique nature difficult remaining wrinkles embezzle the nature of natural leather to increase the taste enough to use.
※ This product uses the horse leather of commitment plus a three-dimensional appearance and beauty of irregularities by embossing.

- Commitment of functionality]
● Since the back surface correspondi

■ The color: A) Black, (I) Brown
■ Size: about width 27 gusset 3-height 14-shoulder (waist belt) length (adjustable) about 85cm~ about 105Cm
■ Weight: about 350G
■ Material: horse leather / inside ... polyester / waist belt ... polypropylene
■ internal zipper pocket x1, open pocket X2
■ outside zipper pocket × 2, open pocket 1 ×
■ Country of origin: China

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