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Dinos Cecile Co.,Ltd.


GINTA / Ginta Veronica glasses case

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Are very much our popular "GINTA". Designer born Latvia Ginta-Suitsueva. Centuries was inherited fusion of traditional techniques and state-of-the-art laser technology of hand-stitched has been, is the artistic collection that reflects the natural beauty in Italy of fake leather. Select the glasses case this time. Covering part of the cut work as race. The material is only elegant color in shiny, because the addition of strong and surprisingly light fake leather, is also attractive easy to handle that it can not be imagined from the delicate appearance.

Romantic leather flowers
and original as art, grace as race. London Fashion Art brand "GINTA (Ginta)" is maker, is fake leather items that represent the flowers blooming by laser cutting.

■ Color: Light Gold
■ Size: width of about 7.8 × gusset 1 × height 16.3Cm
■ Weight: about 23G
■ Material: fake leather (rayon polyurethane) steel
■ crown hook formula
■ Country of origin: Latvia made
■ handmade property on, nuance, balance of color, shape, size and patterns are different, respectively.

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